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Rustic Wedding...

The setup for our most recent wedding is fresh in our minds. Beautiful draping, rustic woods and a touch of white foliage made a gorgeous background for a very special wedding.

Style Ideas For February

Roses are red, violets are blue... with Valentine's Day just around the corner we can only be inspired by the romance of the red rose. Used in a bouquet, as name tags, pinholes or hanging down beautifully over your tablescape. Bringing some of cupid's arrow love to your big day.

Vendor Of The Month

We've added a new company to our vendor page. Gala Fireworks. Make your celebration one to remember with a show-stopping wedding fireworks display to create the ultimate finale to your special day. Their award-winning team of fireworks specialists is on hand to create a bespoke wedding fireworks package or choose from one of their pre-designed packages to entertain your guests and create the perfect backdrop for your evening photos. Check out our Vendor page for more details.

Daffodils in the Garden...

We are keeping our eyes peeled for our bright yellow friend in the garden. Signaling that spring is only around the corner. As a spring flower and the first to bloom, daffodils are symbols of rebirth and hope. They signify new life and resilience as they are strong little survivors who have weathered the winter storms.

Book a convenient time to view our wedding barn using this link

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