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Spring Time!

Against the backdrop of blooming flowers and vibrant greenery, Elenor and Jacob celebrated their love in a picturesque spring wedding at Goltho Barn Weddings. The charming rustic barn setting provided the perfect ambiance for their intimate ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.  From the pastel-hued floral arrangements to the soft glow of twinkling lights, every detail of the day exuded the romance of springtime, creating unforgettable memories for the happy couple and their guests.

Style Ideas For April

April's 'Spring Blossom' weddings embrace the delicate beauty of blooming flowers and soft pastel hues, evoking a sense of renewal and romance. From ethereal bridal gowns adorned with floral appliqués to whimsical centerpieces featuring cascading blooms, these weddings capture the essence of the season in a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere

Vendor Of The Month

Wedding and Event Styling Services, Inspiration and Prop Hire Suppliers for all venues. Love In The Limelight provides beautiful and unique venue styling services and much, much more to help you achieve your dream wedding day celebrations.

Check out our Vendor page for more details.

Blooming Lovely!

Fritillaria blooms grace the wildflower meadow at Goltho four and half acre gardens, adding a charming touch of color and elegance. Their delicate bell-shaped flowers create a picturesque scene, enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings for all to enjoy.

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