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Congratulations Laurie and Luke!

The lush, feathery, and undeniably gorgeous, pampas grass has become a recent obsession among us at Goltho Barn Weddings with our recent wedding of Laurie and Luke.Boho vibes reign supreme at this event with a beautiful personalised fringe hanging, cozy blankets and electic touches throughout.

Style Ideas For April

With our most recent wedding complete we have been inspired by the pampas grass! The recent addition of pampas grass in the home has been one of the hottest decor sensations of the year, with its natural textures and wheat-toned plumes creating a dreamy, rustic aesthetic wherever you put it.

Vendor Of The Month

Love in the Limelight - Wedding and Event Styling Services, Inspiration and Prop Hire Suppliers for all venues surrounding areas of Lincolnshire and East Riding. Love In The Limelight provides beautiful and unique venue styling services and much, much more to help you achieve your dream wedding day celebrations.

Check out our Vendor page for more details.

Cherry Blossoms!

We are excited for the return of the cherry blossoms to the garden. Only a fleeting moment but a beautiful one, espically when the petals fall like natual confetti around the garden. Cherry blossoms are symbolic of the spring – a time of renewal. They can also represent the fleeting nature of life, since their time in bloom is so short-lived.

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